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PALO SANTO - Artisan Collective
PALO SANTO - Artisan Collective

Palo Santo (Bundle)

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3.5-4" Palo Santo bundle (4 pieces)


Palo Santo branches, or Holy Wood, is known for its energy cleansing properties. It is said to enhance creativity while bringing good fortune to those who are open to it’s magic. It grounds us and creates a cleansed, safe space. 


Palo Santo has a wonderful natural fragrance with hints of earth and citrus notes native to South America. Use Palo Santo to cleanse negative energy or negative smells in any space. Wonderful for meditating, refreshing stale air and interestingly they can also help keep pesky bugs away. 


To use: Hold a match or lighter to your stick, till it ignites. Allow it to burn for roughly 30 seconds.  Blow it out and move about your space. When finished place in a heat proof dish and let the glow slowly dim out on its own.  


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